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Stop Paying attention to Mama June-Kim Kardashian-Honey Boo Boo and all those other reality show idiots and Sport’s stars that are just that stupid to not stay out of the news..There ... Continue Reading →
thanksgiving shopping

Mall Forces Stores Open On Thanksgiving

Walden Galleria – Buffalo, New York..Well has decided to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day..An those stores that do not open are going to be fined $200 Dollars an hour..So ... Continue Reading →
road trip across america

Jersey Across America Road Trip

Yes You have heard right ! I will be spending 3 to 6 months on the road traveling across America, to Abandon Towns and other Historical Landmarks across our great nation… From sea ... Continue Reading →
girl steals purse on camera

Girl Steals Michael Kors Purse Caught On Camera

Police need the public’s help identifying the woman in this video who stole a Michael Kors purse from a shopping cart at Publix on Oct. 19, 2014. Anyone who recognizes this woman ... Continue Reading →

Quarantined Nurse Sues Over Treatment

‎Kaci Hickox was the first health-care worker to be quarantined under a new policy in New York and New Jersey, shortly after it was announced that another health care worker who recently ... Continue Reading →
road trip across america

Americans Burning The American Flag

Americans Burning The American Flag..I must apologize in advance, I got a lil overboard with my mouth on this one.. I have to admit my Emotions Went Wild.. I am just sick and tired ... Continue Reading →
radical muslims

Radical Muslim At UC San Diego

Speaker David Horowitz during the Q & A portion of a lecture he gave at UC San diego was confronted by a Muslim student form the crowd. In her opening the student mentions the annual ... Continue Reading →
gangs in america

Gangs Of America-What Most Don’t Know

For the past 30 years the Gang Epidemic has been growing out of control..Our Mayors and Governors have done nothing to seriously solve the problem.. And our Past Presidents get involved ... Continue Reading →
muslim day parade nyc

Muslim Day Parade NYC

Soooo apparently on Sunday the 29th annual Muslim Day Parade in NYC happened.. It started nice and normal, then they decided to drive around with a mannequin wrapped in an Egyptian ... Continue Reading →
brendan tevlin killed shot

19 Year Old Brendan Tevlin Killed by Jihad American Muslim

The man accused of gunning down a Livingston teenager in his car earlier this summer told investigators the murder was an act of retribution for U.S. military action against Muslims ... Continue Reading →