The Real Washington D.C. Crime Fights and Violence

gangs washington dc

So those we employ in Washington D.C. are complaining that a $100.000 Dollar Plus a year Salary is not enough.. Now Since the late 70s Our Nations Capital has had The or one of The Highest Crime Rates… You only see the nice parts of D.C. now I’m going to show you the Daily Life.. Not one President-Senator or Congressman […]

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Motorcycle club riding for a cause in Old Bridge NJ

Ride For Cancer

The Demented Souls Brotherhood, a motorcycle club that focuses on charitable works, is hosting the Caveman’s Ride For Cancer. The event benefits Chris Caivano, a fellow biker battling colon cancer   OLD BRIDGE – Friends since elementary school days in Union, Chris Caivano and Steven Trisker, both 42, have had a lifelong bond of wanting to help others. An emergency […]

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America The Beautiful Stop Stepping On Our Flag

american flag

With all the negativity lately we have forgotten who and what we are, Educated College Kids are Stepping on the American Flag.. Years ago no one would have even dared, We sit back and argue with our American Brothers and Sisters instead of arguing with the Politicians who are supposed to be helping us.. We Bash and stereotype those we […]

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N.J. teacher fired over students’ ‘get well’ letters to convicted cop killer

nj teacher fired mumia

N.J. teacher fired over students’ ‘get well’ letters to convicted cop killer.. Now I was only 10 years old when the murder happened so I can’t comment on it…Because I wasn’t there… But this is not over whither He did it or not, it’s about a teacher abusing a child’s innocence and trust to support her beliefs.. And that goes […]

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Baltimore Riots…The Truth

Baltimore Riots

The Police Commissioner has admitted that things need to be clarified he not denying anything.. But people still riot, people get killed on the streets of Baltimore everyday for the past 40 years.. But all of a sudden now they want justice.. For all we know he was hurt when he was tackled while running from the police..Then combine that […]

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Jersey Family In Need…

help family new jersey

Hi everyone…my name is Stephanie and i need your help. My mother has been in and out of the hospital these past couple of months. Her kidneys and lungs collapsed. She’s had tubes in her throat. She has to be on an oxygen machine at all times. She is diabetic. She’s very weak and when she does walk she uses […]

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Twin Treats-XUFN Reviews

jewelry gifts disney

Are You Looking For limited edition items, collectibles, fashion jewelry, t-shirts, tote bags, purses, wallets, coin bags, lip balms, and more ?… Well look no further Twin Treats is here and they have exactly what you need !!!.. Since 2006 this up and coming company has been giving customers what they have wanted and been looking for…Little Company Big Dreams.. Choose […]

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