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Jerseys Rants

On the Town With Jersey Today Winn Dixie

Follow my daily routine and see the screwed up things I see everyday.. I have many hard to believe stories, so they they help of my trusty ear cam.. You will see what I see, an you ... Continue Reading →

Sex In The Workplace

Today I talk about sex in the workplace and how it’s ruined my life. Don’t ignore this PSA make sure you don’t have an extra baby mamma like me. The 12 seconds of ... Continue Reading →

Teacher Takes Student To Hospital Forced To Resign

Tennessee teacher Jennifer Mitts says she was forced to resign from her post at Red Bank High School after taking a student to the emergency room and footing the bill. However, officials ... Continue Reading →

22 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

We here at XUFN take the well being of our troops very seriously. Right now they are being thrown under the bus more than ever. They come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with broken ... Continue Reading →
Florida Turnpike

The Decline Of South Florida

While The Huffington Post Thinks that South Florida is All Fun and Sunshine… Wellll I tend to differ, Yes the beaches are nice… It’s warm here while others are freezing ... Continue Reading →
2014 Roy

Illegal Immigrant Sues First Responders

Well Roy Ortiz, an illegal immigrant, is suing the firefighters who saved his life.Honestly if he is Illegal and they know about it, how is he still in the Country ? And more importantly ... Continue Reading →

Fred Phelps Has Died / Spring Has Sprung

Today the human excrement that was Fred Phelps died. It was also the start of spring in the norther hemisphere. So it’s was a doubly great day. Spring is seen as a renewal and ... Continue Reading →

BAMF #1 Pine Leaf

Today we start a new a new series. It’s the BAMF ! a series where we talk about Bad Ass Mother Fuckers throughout history. Today’s first entrant is Pine Leaf. An 1830′s ... Continue Reading →

Road Trip !!!

Ok everybody listen up.. Me I have decided to pack up my lil GTO and start one of many Charity Road Trips. I will be Starting down here in the tip of Florida and heading up the eastern ... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Boxing

I decided to let the Creators of the Hulk Smash Video know they inspired me to show the power of Up and Coming Amateur Boxer Casey Straw at ’6 ft “1 260 Pounds.. We are ... Continue Reading →