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Jerseys Rants

Idolizing Violence Stupidity And Negativity

Yes its true.. These past 10 years we have done nothing but Idolize Violence and now we don’t even step in to help.. We just sit back and capture it all on our Camera Phones.. ... Continue Reading →

President Obama Thanks For Nothing

Ok listen… All Liberals..Conservatives..Republican..Democrat..White..Black Spanish…Straight..Gay..We are Americans and need to put our stuff aside and work together ! Only ... Continue Reading →
Gangs In South Florida

The Decline Of Hollywood Florida

I like how Gov Rick Scott in a matter of months can make the Pop Tart Bill . But the Cities of Florida have been suffering for years.. Like Hollywood Florida.. Once a town for Snow ... Continue Reading →
Musclecar Rewind

Muscle Car Rewind-’67 Camaro SS 396 375 HP

Today I look back in the ’67 SS 396/375 HP, Chevrolet’s Answer to the 390 Mustang.. Sure you had the 325HP Version but just wasn’t enough.. In the late 60s the streets ... Continue Reading →
Jerseys Rants

The Real New Jersey

Over the years I have run into people that think who we are.. Well I’m here to set the record straight.. We are not like any of the morons on ANY of the reality shows.. We have ... Continue Reading →
Mobile Magnetic Signs

XUFN Advertising-Mobile Magnetic Ad’s Service

I am proud to announce XUFN’s newest Ad Service.. Mobile Magnetic Ad’s Service Mobile Billboards are too expensive and Bus and Park Benches are only as good as the foot ... Continue Reading →
fed ex

Domestic Violence Message

After the loss of two dear people in my life, this is a wake up message to everybody out there.. Domestic Violence has been around for years and it is not going anywhere’s soon.. ... Continue Reading →

Gang Shootouts-Robbery-Street Fights

Our Country is getting worse and worse everyday, and its boiling over ! It has been going on for years but now wherever you go or move to you will be subjected to it one way or another.. ... Continue Reading →
Florida Turnpike

South Florida Drivers

Yea… Sorry about losing my mind on this one, but at the blink of an eye my emotions get the best of me at times. I strapped on my Looxcie ear cam and went for a lil drive around ... Continue Reading →

Exxon Land Contamination Bricktown N.J.

I called Bill Post Today a Bricktown Resident purchased his home in 1997 right next to an Exxon Station..In 2007 the Gas Station was closed, then it was found out that the Gas Tanks ... Continue Reading →