Cigar Chronicles With Beo

Cigar Chronicles

Today is a special edition of Cigar Chronicles We are at home. I spoke to one of my oldest and dearest friends today. He called me and the conversation itself was normal. But a flood of nostalgia came over me as I hung up. I started thinking of all the good times of early mornings on the Jersey shore waiting […]

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11 Year Old Boy Reads Cyberbully Comments

11 year old reads cyberbully comments

Eleven-year-old Logan Fairbanks has scored himself an invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by standing up to his Internet bullies in a very public way. In a video posted this week on his father’s YouTube account, the boy from Hartford, Michigan, reads a series of cruel comments that people have made about him online…. I really feel for this kid, why […]

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Dylan Roofs Sister Wants You To Pay For Her Wedding ?

Dylan Roof Sister Amber Roof

Amber Roof was supposed to have her wedding on June 21. Four days earlier, her brother Dylann allegedly shot and killed nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. Out of respect for the victims and due to their own grief, Roof and her fiancé, Michael Tyo, called off the event. But the couple created a […]

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Teen Attacks Young Mother In Park

Teenager attacks mom

Black Teen Attacks Young Mother Holding Baby Giving the Baby a Concussion.. This needs to stop, the young baby could have been killed and for what ? We need to stop the violence ! Now since this video has been posted, the attacker has been arrested and charged.. But the bigger issue here is.. The younger generation is getting more […]

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Chase Bank Property Scam

chase short sale property scam

  Chase Bank Property Scam… Sometimes the things that happen to me are a pain, but they are a blessing in disguise because then I can expose them and let all of you know.. Chase Bank Approved my Short Sale to a certain realtor, then all of a sudden they closed my file and Chase claimed that I was related […]

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Racism is not just Black an White

jerseys rants xufn

Racism Its Not Just Black and White… Over the past few years we have had the most tragic incidents in our American History… From The D.C. Sniper..Sandy Hook.. A Shooting in a Movie Theater.. The Boston Marathon Bombing… Brendan Tevlin who was shot last summer and forgotten about and now sadly what happened in Charleston.. And all we can do […]

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Debbie Mehlhorn’s Cancer Battle

cancer awareness

  Click The Picture Above.. Or Click Here To Support…. Debbie Crozier…was diagnosed last week with stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of the GE Junction (Gastrointestinal). I won’t give you all the medical rigamaro that none of us understand anyway but I will tell you this ….without proper and immediate treatment, the doctors gave her a year to live. Well I say the […]

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Cops Crash Pool Party New Information

cops raid texas pool party

The Texas Police Rushing a Pool Party in Texas has new information, it appears that..This was NOT Race Motivated ! It was a promoted party that got out of hand.. Over 100 + Teenagers showed up to what they thought was a Pool Party… Teens were then trying to gain access to a restricted area the Pool and fights were […]

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Man Confronts Woman in Handicapped Space


Man Confront’s Woman in Handicapped Spot…. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, being that I do a lot of functions for the Disabled and many of my friends are in a Wheelchair… I just can’t believe in this day an age people are actually justifying doing what they are not supposed to be doing.. Especially when we should […]

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