Today Head of the CDC Rochelle Walensky weighed in on if we need better masks. They said they aren’t changing their mask guidance. Saying “any mask is better than no mask”. Which as we all know it BS. The Government and Joe Biden should have been sending out N95 masks or better since he took office and Trump before him as soon as they knew this was a problem. They needed and still need to enact the Presidential Determination Pursuant to Section 303 of the Defense Production Act of 1950.

Rochelle Walensky

I believe the reason they aren’t following the science and saying we need better masks is they don’t want to admit that Covid is airborne, Which of course it is and we’ve know that for a few years now. Now you may ask yourself WHY they haven’t admitted that? Well it’s because once they admit that it’s airborne OSHA will require them to tell all businesses they have to spend many billions of dollars to make workplaces safe. I know you’re thinking no way they are that evil. Well 1. Have you not been paying attention to this countries history for the last 245 years? Of course they are that evil and they are putting donors over workers every single time this whole damned pandemic. If they didn’t we would have been pretty much through this and hundreds of thousands of Americans wouldn’t be dead right now.

I love this country and while frustrating it’s people. But our leaders on ALL sides have been despicable this whole pandemic. I already had very low expectations for Trump & Biden & Congress but somehow they have gone even lower each and every action. It’s quite impressive actually. The combination of incompetence and straight out okay with people dying of something that’s very easy to control. But sadly that takes a little bit of money and the lives of people can’t get in the way of record breaking profits for Wall St. So wear the best mask you can N95 or better because cloth & surgical masks you see everywhere are practically useless against covid. If you need a mask go to it’s a non profit trying to get masks into the hands of everyone at good prices. They are a little backed up but you can get n95 or better masks many places. Just make sure it’s from a reputable place.

Mask Up , Social Distance , & stay safe everyone Biden & DC have thrown us to the Covid wolves and we’re on our own.


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