If this Covid-19 Omicron outbreak wasn’t that bad. Mild you might want to say to use their lingo things would be going back to normal for them as well. But nope while we’re expected to keep soldiering on without any support from the Government they are setting rules to protect themselves. Why are they doing this you ask? It’s because We The People are nothing to them. Covid is airborne but they won’t admit that because then OSHA would have to step in and make sure workplaces are safe for the people. That would cost businesses Billions of dollars and why put them through that when it’s only human lives and does that really matter?

While we’re expected to send our kids to schools without any capacity limits or distancing requirements they impose capacity limits and distancing for people around them. It’s ridiculous that the White House Reporters need to be limited to 14 yet our kids are fine in classrooms with dozens of other kids. Here is the tweet today from Scott Bixby White House Reporter for The Daily Beast.

While most major Colleges & Universities are being held online for at least a few weeks because of Omicron. Here is just a taste of the Ivy League colleges that are protecting their kids while public school kids have to risk long term health effects.

Harvard University will move mostly to remote learning for the first three weeks of January.


Yale moved finals online and allowed students to leave campus early.

Princeton University to return January 14th to flatten Omicron curve


So the schools where the privileged kids go are being protected. Lets see about the schools Joe Biden went to. University of Delaware where Joe got his Bachelor of Arts is going virtual classes for the first week of January.


Weird how about Syracuse University where Joe Biden got his Juris Doctor . Classes are delayed until January 24 with the exception of College of Law where that will start on January 10th remotely of course. Oh and students have to get a booster by January 24 to be allowed on campus.

So Joe you better get after your Alma mater as they are going against science in your eyes right? Oh never mind it’s just public school kids because your donors need their parents to leach their wealth off of. Close down the country for a few weeks and it would save so much pain and suffering. Death and life long covid symptoms. Either that or enact Medicare for All because hundreds of Millions of US are about to need it.

When it comes to the Covid-19 Pandemic it’s been very much a classist problem. While we are told to go to work & get back to normal. They don’t care that Covid is an airborne disease, they care that we are generating wealth for the elite. We are not people to them. We are just numbers that are expendable as long as we keep the Billions rolling in. If we were to go on a workers strike nation wide things would actually change. Not because they care about US but because they know they are nothing without being able to steal wealth from our blood, sweat, & tears.

Oh and finally of course Goldman Sachs and other Wall St firms are telling their people to work from home until January 18. Safe For Thee Not For Me is the battle cry of the elite.


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