Just wanted to thank the Chicago Teachers Union for stepping up and doing what it right for the Teachers and Students. They have voted overwhelmingly not to return to in-person classes and to move all learning online. This will help flatten the curve and save teachers and kids from long term covid. The whole country should be following in their footsteps.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot of course is throwing a fit. Which is understandable because well it’s a rule that Chicago’s Mayors have to be terrible. It’s amazing how people can have a problem with what the teachers are asking for. I thought we took care of our kids no matter what? Oh wait it will always be capitalism above all for the Democrats & Republicans. You didn’t think all the donations they get from business interests & Wall St in particular would allow US to actually do what is right did you? So here are the WILD things the Chicago Teachers are asking for.

  • Test to return program for Students
  • Weekly testing that parents would need to opt out of instead of opting in
  • A metric for closing buildings so outbreaks won’t get out of control
  • Accommodations for Teachers and Students that want to teach/learn remotely
  • Chicago Public Schools shall provide KF94 , KN95 , or N95 to Teachers and Students
  • When in-person learning resumes Principals have the authority to flip classes to remote upon receiving notification of a positive case in class.

Here are all the Chicago Teachers Union demands. From what I see they are all the bare minimum of what we need to be doing. They should also be demanding great air filtration. Not oh keep the window open actual air filtration. If they have a problem providing that for the Teachers & Students I’m sure we can find the funding by severely cutting down the administration jobs & buildings.

This needs to be spread to every Teachers union in the country. We have all the power here. Don’t let Mayors like Lightfoot scare you into doing what is best for you or the kids. They only care about what is best for their donors. Keep up the great work. Oh yeah & Chicago is the third largest school system. So if they can do it there we can do it everywhere. We Support You!


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