In one of the worst days for deaths in the Pandemic yet 3,895 people have died in the united states. All while the media , President , & Congress pretend like everything is fine. It’s very much a bury your head in the sand moment for our nation. The last few years are going to be looked back upon very harshly in a few years. Trump started the failure & sadly Biden has gone turbo mode in our failures.

Remember under Trump when the essential workers were treated like heroes for a few months? Remember how Biden was going to follow the science? Oh the good old days before they realized that to be safe they would have to hurt their Wall St Donors. We can’t have that. Biden has about 500,000 deaths under him with a vaccine. Of course a large number of those were because a large portion of people refuse to get vaccinated. But we still could have fought back against covid if we shut things down. If we didn’t send kids & teachers back to school. If we didn’t reopen everything right away. If we didn’t tell people oh things are fine no need to wear a mask.

We were sold out because Biden & The Democrats & The Republicans value Wall St profits more than our health. The next variant of Omicron is showing early signs of being as deadly as Delta but with the catchiness of Omicron. It’s going to be a disaster and Joe Biden & Congress just don’t care. We finally got a few home tests sent. Enough for 2 people when many nations are giving however many is actually needed. Sorry kids mom and dad are going to test you’re out of luck. Then they send masks to pharmacies instead to to everyone’s homes to make sure everyone gets an N95 mask. My theory is it’s to get people into Walgreens & CVS to spend more as 2 of the heads of those companies are very friendly with the Democrats. I know many pharmacists hate it because their jobs are hard enough as is and now they get lots of extra exposure that wasn’t necessary. These should have been going out day one to everyone.

But thanks to the help of the Media Biden administration is getting a pass on killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. This could have been taken care of fairly easily if it wasn’t for the greed on all sides. Now Biden expects us to believe that he’s going to lead to the curing of cancer? Can’t even stop something that isn’t even that hard to stop. You just have to be willing to not listen to your corporate overlords on Wall St. All those kids & teachers that have gotten sick, All the ones that will face a life of long covid health problems were all for Wall St. This wasn’t about the education & mental well being of students. It was about getting the parents back into work so the Billionaires could profit even more.

Next wave is almost upon us. We’re on our own. Mask Up N95 & social distancing are the only things that will save us. Oh and vaxx me up whenever a booster is required. I hate having to fight against covid & idiots but here we are. Follow the science Joe, it’s not too late.

Source : Open your eyes oh and News Nodes

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