The White House says there isn’t money for the 4th covid shot. Pretty amazing how there is never money when it comes to helping the people of this country. Just for reference it costs about $40 for each covid shot. Which is pretty ridiculous when we helped finance it & the clinics giving the shots spend what 2 seconds per shot? But even though that’s the cost it would still only take $13,180,000,000 to give a covid shot to ALL 329.5 Million people in this country. Of course the actual number would be much lower. Fools that won’t take it & kids that aren’t eligible for it. But I figured I would show the max number for reference.

We just overwhelmingly gave $13.6 Billion in support for the Ukraine without a second thought. What the hell is wrong with US that we’re okay with this? Don’t get me wrong I have zero problem with the humanitarian aide part of the Ukraine bill. That was about $4 Billion. But we can’t take care of our own people against Covid? Due to the inaction of Biden when it comes to Covid we’re going to see a Red Wave in November with many seats lost to Republicans. I also think 2024 is in jeopardy for the Dems in the White House. They just had to do the bare minimum to help the people and they couldn’t even do that & they deserve to lose. Sadly that means Republicans where it will only be worse for everyone except the rich.

They have enough money for Seniors & under 5 if those vaccinations receive approval. It’s making me wonder if this is just another Biden administration attempt at telling us just to “Live with it.” Imagine the outrage if Trump was doing half of the gaslighting the Biden Administration is doing to us on Covid? People would be in the streets. But since it’s Blue No Matter Who it’s all good. Who cares about the hundreds of thousands extra people going to die, Who cares about the millions and millions of people that will suffer for the rest of their lives with long covid? It’s a disgrace that we’re going to be saddled with Trump again to make the matter even worse.

Source : Cost of Shots

Source : White House BS

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