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street fight washington d.c.
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High School Brawl in Washington D.C. Now this video was obtained back in 2011. It does no change the fact that this happens all over America and not reported. Why ? Is it because this only happens in Black Communities ?. I’m betting so if this happened in a nice well to do area . There would be all out news stories. police and National Friggin Guard..

What makes matters worse that the Youtube comments do nothing but glorify this behavior.  That is one of the biggest problems there is. The mindset that this is ok and should be celebrated. The individuals with this mindset are the ones holding back the black communities. There are many good people in these neighborhoods.. When I stayed in Newark or East Orange (Yes I am White Sicilian/Irish I love everybody) in the early 90s late 80s . Many residents wanted good for their kids and the future..

But Sadly..

Gunshots are daily occurrences and accepted now. And back then too there has been no evolution. The music and the movies and T.V. Shows get more violent. And influence weak minds. Therefore that puts a negative influence on minds that are still too young. Ask me I know I was 18. And I was arrested for trying to be a tough guy. I got lucky really lucky but that is another story. We are talking about neighborhoods. That are in the ghetto mentality. Back in the day you could be hard. But you still had a code and boundaries. That you would never go past and actually looked out for one another.

Just because you don’t have it like others does not mean you give up. You can still make beautiful things out of bad times. Since 1985 I’ve known people shot or shot and killed over words. A simple bump on the street and so much as stepping on another persons sneakers.

It’s bad enough the news will never do a segment on this


This has to stop ! Better Yourselves !