RIP Tobe Hooper 1943-2017


I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at a young age. The 80’s was a time of going out whenever we wanted & watching what we wanted. Parents weren’t like parents today. Micromanaging everything that their child consumes. This allowed me to have some amazing times. It also allowed me to grow into the movie lover I am today. Especially of the horror genre. There was just something that always set horror apart for me. Sure I love most other genres but love of horror is something that has stuck with me my whole life.

A large part of that is Tobe Hooper. He’s right behind John Carpenter Wes Craven, & George A Romero for me. Sadly we just lost George last month & Wes in 2015. His The Texas Chainsaw Massacre rawness really stuck with me. It’s like a living nightmare. It was perfect in every way. So many people think it’s gory. But there really wasn’t much blood in the movie at all. It was the art of Tobe Hooper and his crew that played with our minds. He did what most horror movies can only dream of doing. Getting into your mind at the deepest levels of fear. Pulling you into the universe of Leatherface.

Then you have The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 which I love almost as much as the first movie for different reasons. Where the first was almost bloodless & serious this one was super bloody & a little camp. Which I fucking love. Dennis Hopper really made this movie a spectacle. Tobe Hooper instead of just rehashing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre made something unique. Which most sequels don’t dare to do.

Between The Texas Chainsaw Massacre & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 he made Poltergeist & Lifeforce two more classics. He really was an artist when it came to getting you to feel what he wanted to on film. I wish that he had the opportunity to show his skills. With all the remakes of horror movies over the last decade I always wished they had given him a shot. It’s not like they could have done worse. So much paint by the numbers bullshit.

Thank you Tobe Hooper. You shall live in my nightmares forever.

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