Scream Franchise

Love Scream ? Bookmark this page to know where the Scream Franchise is streaming. Right now they are all on Paramount+ but they usually aren’t in the same place do to streaming rights. Especially Scream 4 which was distributed by The Weinstein Company films unlike the others. 1-3 were distributed by Miramax. 5 & upcoming 6 are distributed by Paramount Pictures. So like many horror franchises it’s a real crapshoot as to what streaming company a film in the series is on any given month. Each of the links below takes you right to the movie / show on the named streaming service.

Scream – Paramount+

Scream 2 – Paramount+

Scream 3 – Paramount+

Scream 4 – Paramount+

Scream 2022 – Paramount+

Scream Tv Series – Netflix

Want to help the site out? Below is an affiliate link where I may earn a commission. On the left you can sign up for Amazon Prime on the right Paramount+ through Amazon Channels. To use channels you have to be a Prime member.

If any of the links above don’t work because the movie/show has moved streaming home please let me know at and I’ll get it fixed ASAP. Currently working on a solution where I won’t have to be emailed to know things aren’t working right.

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