Tonight we start our Friday Series Follow Friday. Where we give you links of some people we think should be getting more exposure. Here are some people that need a boost in their following. Check them out.


YouTube – Maria’s Corner 76 – Disclaimer she’s my wife but she reviews sweets & coffee. Worth a follow if I say so myself. Which I better or no more good food for me.

True Crime

Mayhem Podcast with Michelle McPhee – She specializes in the Boston Marathon Bombers in here first season & has some other well researched stories on the way. Check her out if you’re interested in what actually happened in the Boston Marathon Bombings.


Keith Smith is the man when it comes to covering the Boston Celtics & really specializes in NBA trades & is a master of the Salary Cap & how teams can best tweak it to get better.


The JRX FoundationJersey & XUFN project to bring help to those in need. He’s done the heavy lifting so far but I will be making a big impact as we grow in 2022.


Jerry Is Just Ok – Her writes about film/music. He’s written for @screamhorrormag @thefilmscorer @officialmanor he also does his own music you can check out at Rainy Days For Ghosts on Bandcamp oh and if you’re making a movie hit him up if you need a score.


DollarFor – He helps people & explains all about Medical Bills. The stories are mind blowing & it shows you just how messed up our healthcare system is. Imagine if we could do Medicare For All how much money & lives it would save. Not to mention give Dollar For a break.


Donut King TV – Exactly what it sound like. Go watch a guy making donuts.


comedor tenchita – 76-Year-Old Indigenous Cook Makes LA’s Best Oaxacan Food

A nice variety to start us off. If you have someone that’s deserving to be on Follow Friday hit my up on Twitter @XUFN or email me and yes you can shill yourself if you’re deserving of being listed I’ll get to you eventually. #Solidarity #TeamWork

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