I’ve been a fan of the Hitman series from the beginning but missed out on the current stuff because well just didn’t have time to game. But now they are releasing Hitman Trilogy on PS4/PS5 , Xbox One , XBOX Series S , XBOX Series X , Epic Game Store , & Steam. Better yet it’s going to be on Gamepass Day 1 on Both XBOX Gamepass & PC Gamepass. So I look forward to FINALLY diving in to this on January 20th. It’s great to have games back as a stress reliever it’s been WAY too long.

Read all about the very exciting things coming to Hitman now that the Trilogy is complete. I love that as soon as the trilogy was complete they had a Trilogy version ready to go. SO smart. I really hope this game holds up to what my memory is of the original hitman series.

I really need a new PC as they are also releasing Hitman VR on PC. Time to invest in a great headset and PC I guess. Especially with Ray tracing coming to all locations in the World of Assassination Trilogy.

Source : IO Interactive https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-year-2-reveal/

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