Joe Biden has announced that food shortages are going to be real. I think he’s underselling what is on the way. Not just now but in the future. First we will get to the immediate problem. About 30% of grain comes from Russia & Ukraine. With the current war that means all over the world there is going to be food shortages. In the USA that combined with Inflation is really going to hurt those who don’t have money. After 2 really hard years I fear that this is going to break many people.

Our government won’t give any meaningful help until it’s to late. People are going to starve to death in even higher numbers than are now. So it’s up to all of us to figure this out on our own. We need to band together to produce more food than we ever have before. We need to grow our own gardens. For those without garden space we need to start growing microgreens. With some effort & team work we can grow enough food to help bridge the game put in place by the sanctions on Russia.

We need more widespread community gardens. We need to make sure that we don’t waste so much food. We need to make sure that food pantries & community fridges are loaded at all times. It’s going to be tough but we can make it so that it’s not disastrous if we work together. Frankly we should have been doing this all along.

Now the war between Russia & Ukraine isn’t the only problem of course. Climate change has harmed our crops and it’s been bad over the last few years. The drought is only going to get worse. But there is also a huge supply chain issue. We also have to stop paying farmers to let food rot & dump milk. We also need to stop eating so much meat. That’s a huge one for me but if we supplemented more fruits & veggies we would all be healthier. We are going to have to find a balance to live with the Earth. Pretty sure she is sick of us.

Here are a few affiliate links to buy microgreens .

They aren’t hard to grow & you will be snacking on them in a week or so. There are different kinds so find ones that you like & get a nice supply of seeds and you will eat for a long time. They do take up some space but nothing compared to traditional growing. Heck you can buy shelves and have many layers of greens growing. You can stagger the growth so that you always have fresh while the others continue to grow. I will be having many food sustainability articles.

Here is a video from start to finish of the growing of microgreens. But as always search around as everyone has their own opinion on how to do things right. Especially when it comes to gardening.

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