Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott Scream 2022

Last year was great for Horror. Halloween Kills , Fear Street 1994 , Fear Street 1978 , Fear Street 1666 , Malignant , Candyman , A Quiet Place II , Chucky Series , I know what you did last summer Series , Yellowjackets just so much HORROR and 2022 is looking to be great as well. Here are just some of the Horror that’s coming our way in 2022. Of course the really cool ones I’ll dive more in depth into as they near release or after I’ve seen them.

Scream January 14 2022

Texas Chainsaw Massacre February 18 2022 on Netflix

The Black Phone June 24 2022

Halloween Ends October 14 2022

Hellraiser TBD but coming to HULU

Salem’s Lot September 9 2022

Evil Dead Rise coming to HBO Max

Nope from Jordan Peele July 22

Terrifier 2 sometime in 2022

Orphan: First Kill January 28 2022 (Unconfirmed)

Munsters 2022 from Rob Zombie

There is so much more coming in 2022 in all media but just wanted to give a taste of some stuff I’m excited for. We will be covering the coolest projects from reboots of classic horror franchises to Fan Created films. Indie authors to big time writers. Tv shows to mini series. There is just so much horror coming our way and while not all of it will be good I think it’s amazing and could up being a new golden age for Horror.

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