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Scream 2022 just released on Digital. You can rent or buy it now! I’m so excited to have it available at home in 4k finally. The movie is such a treat in every way if you’re a fan of the series. Heck even if you’re not & like horror in general I’m sure you will like it. It’s got a great story & shot really well and every actor hits it out of the park. So excited we’re getting a sequel next year that starts shooting this summer in Montreal QC. I really hope they go with Scream Again as the title which was originally going to be the name of Scream 2 well one of them anyways.

In a rare treat all the other 4 previous Scream movies are together on Paramount+ through Amazon. That way you have Scream 5 and can watch it all through the Amazon app for a proper marathon. It’s rare for them to be on 1 service as 3 & 4 are usually on separate streaming providers. So if you wanna marathon them that is probably the easiest way. As always let me know what you think of Scream 2022 below or on Twitter.com/XUFN

To get Paramount+ through Amazon you have to be a Prime Member. But right now they have a deal going where you can get 2 months of Paramount+ for $0.99/month and $9.99/month after. Deal ends March 7.

Rent or Buy Scream 2022 4k Digital at Amazon HERE

Buy Scream 2022 4K UHD Disk at Amazon HERE (Releases April 5 2022)

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