Nope trailer the new horror from Jordan Peele is finally here. This has been highly anticipated ever since they released this poster last year.

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But that’s all that we really knew about it until now. Warning as always be careful with spoilers these days when it comes to trailers. They tend to give so much of it away ever since they started farming out this work to trailer houses. I really wish they would do a less is more approach and not ruin key plot points of movies. (Mini rant over but you know I’m right!)

Nope stars Daniel Kaluuya , Keke Palmer , & Steven Yeun and it looks like it’s going to be at the very least another interesting entry into horror from Jordan Peele. I really love the work that he has done, His vision is unique and often interesting social commentary that’s missing from a lot of Horror movies. So I’m always happy when he releases stuff. It always leaves me wondering what’s next from him and there is no higher honor for a Director I would imagine.

It looks interesting for sure and hopefully things are at a spot where I can actually go to the theater for this one. Gotta support Directors that are special. I really can’t wait to see what scenes were filmed for IMAX. With Jordans visual style I’m sure they are quite a treat.

I’m sure this will be yet another hit from Monkey Paw Productions. They are on quite a winning streak the last few years. Lovecraft Country , Candyman, Hunters , & US are all amazing. One little complaint & I’m not sure if it’s Monkey Paw or Universal Pictures it’s 2022 can you please upload all your trailers in 4k ? But I did like the trailer dropping at 3am Est.

This Summer

Nope is coming to theaters only July 22, 2022 are you guys excited about this? Let me know what you think below.

Source : https://www.Nope.Movie

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