I’m a huge horror fan. I LOVE scary movies and the Scream series has been near the top for me for the last quarter century. Wes Craven brought Kevin Williamsons vision to life like no other. It was a huge success because Scream is exactly what Horror needed in 1996. When Scream 2 came out in 1997 it was a great follow-up. Scream 3 in 2000 faltered a little bit but I still enjoyed it. Scream 4 2011 was pretty terrible compared to 1 & 2 but it had it’s moments. But now Scream 5 just called Scream is coming out in 1 week. This saddens me because no way in hell am I risking my health going to a movie theater during this pandemic. Especially with Omicron being so catchy.

I wish Paramount would release this on VOD or even use it to strengthen Paramount+ subscriber numbers. I know I wouldn’t hesitate to rent it on VOD for $30 and millions of other Scream fans like myself would have as well I’m sure. I think Scream movies are great to see in theaters and I hope to see it down the road in a revival showing. But now is just not the time to be showing movies in theaters. But sadly they have probably seen the Spider-Man : No Way Home numbers and think oh it’s time. But that was middle of December and the Omicron situation is MUCH worse now. Closing in on a million cases a day & over 2,000 deaths.

Okay enough doom and gloom check out the final poster for Scream. A movie I wasn’t sure we would get with the passing of Wes. Well in this form anyways. I’m so ready to revisit Woodsboro.

I know many don’t think the same as me but by not having VOD when millions refuse to go to theaters it’s going to ruin the movie. The kind of people going to theaters in a pandemic are the kind of jerks that spoil movies. Of course there are exceptions to that rule but you know what I’m talking about.

Being the first Scream without Wes Craven It’s going to be interesting to see how the film makers treat his legacy. It’s got to be daunting to step into the boots of a Master of Horror. Come on Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett show me what you got, I’m ready to Scream .

Here is the trailer but I’m personally avoiding everything I can until I watch it because I’ve been ready for a new Scream for over a decade now. No trailer needed to lure me in.

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