Scream VI is almost upon us. I’ve been a huge fan of the Scream Franchise since the beginning. It’s just felt like the more grounded in reality slasher. When Wes Craven died I feared that if I did see another Scream it would be a piece of crap cash grab. Which as you can see by the love put into it Scream 2022 was not. I really can’t wait to see where this trip to NY brings us. I just fear for poor old Ghostface being outmatched by NY Subway firepower.

We’re getting Kirby back from Scream 4 and everyone other than Neve Campbell apparently. Which really really sucks. She’s such a huge part of the franchise. Going to be really interesting to see where they take this. Can’t wait until March 10 2023 to see where they take this franchise next.

Check out this subway map poster from the Scream twitter account. It’s got me so hyped can’t wait to see the Easter eggs they give us during the actual movie.

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