2016 Bike MS Run Miami To Key Largo Florida



MS Bike Run Miami To Key Largo Florida

Many of you know that I participate in charity events, this is one that is very close to me because I personally know a few people that suffer from this..

This event was different as I was able to really interact with the people who not only do the long two day ride.. But as to finding out what motivates them to do it.. Many have MS and still ride in it not giving up, to the family members that do it for their loved ones who have it..

It’s just sad that we have Celebrities that whine and complain about how bad their lives are and get more attention..I have just had it on how the media does not give any event the attention to raise the awareness that ANY special event deserves to help those that need it..

I can only ask that you guys out there do the right thing to help me or raise awareness to the special events that need it.. Lupus..Cancer..Ect…

Our voices united can make change…

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