Be a Keyboard Warrior or Actually Do Something For Others



When I go out and about, I never saw this lady until this day she always hid from me..

After I fed her I turned the camera off and talked with her, she asked me why I wanted to.. I said I wanna know why you hid from me, she answered that she was ashamed on what happened to her and didn’t want to take my help away from someone else..

But she took my food this time because she had not eaten in days and was desperate..

The shelters around her can be dangerous and it’s Illegal to feed the homeless and to sorta kind be homeless.. Some police don’t bother her but have to if shop owners call and complain..

Not to mention she gets hassled by the local drug dealers because she sits where they wanna sell..

For the record I got some hard stares but no one leaped, I am not afraid I will stand up for those who can’t defend themselves..

Here at Jerseys Rants and XUFN, we will not ask for money.. Canned Food and Clothes andddd maybe some furniture but that is it..

What we will ask for is Compassion and Empathy for others ,and yes I get there are scammers out there.. By all means give them nothing..

But there are others that really need it..

The mainstream media is very good at dividing us, every week there is a new story for us to argue about with each other..

I get threatened by politicians every day because of what I do is Illegal , you see it’s Illegal to feed and clothe the Homeless here in So Fla..

They want our money and votes but will not help out fellow Americans.. Many are veterans and many are people that are forgotten..

I love how people boast about our Veterans and American Citizens and do do nothing.. Make all the Video and Memes all you want that does fucking nothing..

Now many do practice what they preach but many more don’t..

I can understand if you can’t but there are many that can but do nothing.. They think sharing a few pictures and making a few videos are raising Wink Wink Awareness…. They do a few witty tweets get a few million retweets get famous and still do nothing..

Disease-Poverty-Homelessness are not racist they can affect all walks of life some even your family members or even yourselves ..

Stop the Bullshit hold your neighbors hand and do you thing, no politician is going to help us it is upon ourselves to do the right thing..

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