Chris Rock Wishes White Kids Get Shot and Killed the day of the Parkland Fl Massacre



On his latest Netflix Special Chris Rock Wishes White Kids To Get Shot .. This was released On the afternoon of February 14, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.. Not to mention a very good friend of mine was shot and killed at the Weiss Supermarket where he worked by Randy Stair a disgruntled worker who posted previous videos to you tube.. And this comes a few years after Brendan Tevlin was shot and killed sitting at a traffic light on the way home from a friends house..

Sooo it’s ok yo fight racism with racism ?

Sooo It’s ok to wish kids dead if they are white ?

Sooo It’s ok he’s a comedian he can say shit like this ?

The answer is none of the above ! It is never ok to wish any Race, Gender or Religious Belief Death ..

And this is Comedy These Days ???


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