Confronting The Squatters In My House Hollywood Florida


Confronting My Squatters…

My house was foreclosed on a few months back, the realtor said don’t worry about moving my big stuff out.. Like my Bed, Couches and other assorted stuff..

Three weeks ago I drive by and all my stuff is on the front lawn, the next day I call the realtor and say what the fuck ? She says they had not sold the property nor should anyone be there. But she will check..

Last Friday FPL calls me and says that the current owner has requested to have the water turned back on..Presented a deed that he bought the house from me..And paid half of what I owed to turn the water back on..

SOOOOOOO you know I just had to confront him..

He said he rented it from Craigslist, Buttttt he told FPL he bought the house.. So I already know he is full of shit..I even have the E-mail from FPL to prove it..

In the end thank you to the Hollywood Police Department for helping me out..

God I love it when scam artists are stupid..

Now if you see the young man above, he is fucking crazy called my old number repeatedly so much I had to have it changed ..

He cost me hundreds of dollars in furniture,clothes and sentimental Items when he threw all my shit in the back yard like it was garbage.. He came to my moms house and smashed her car windows thinking I lived there and her car was mine.. He actually thinks he is justified in what he did..

Now my mothers outside camera’s have him on video tape throwing the concrete through her windows, he said that it was a friend of his when actually went to my moms house to get in touch with me to take this video down..

He is so fucking crazy he actually went to my Mothers House…

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