Feeding and Helping Our Homeless In America


I have been living in South Florida 20+ Years, and since day one I have been here there is always a person or three at a street intersection.. Asking for money, lose change you name it they are without a home.. I will agree some are scam artists, I have outed a few but there are many legit ones that are homeless and need to eat..

That is where I or we at XUFN come in, I drive around in my spare time giving food, water ,clothes and whatever they need.. There is just oneeeeeee Smalllll problem.. In Ft Lauderdale Florida it is Illegal to feed a Homeless person.. Now no disrespect to our men and women in Blue I know they have their jobs to do.. But I just can’t let people go hungry, I can’t so I sorta kinda do it when I can..

And yes I do  take Food and Clothes Donations, E-Mail me at Jerseysrants@gmail.com..


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