Fights Hate and Anger in The USA Today


Fights- Hate and Anger in the USA.. The past 5 to six years The Media-The Government and many posts on Social Media have been dividing us.. Celebrities have been trying to tell us how to think, the children of this nation are either dying too soon or getting angrier by fighting everywhere.. Waffle Houses – McDonald’s even huge Shopping Malls..

They are now getting into fights over politics, hell in 1987 we fought over girls or other things. There is more tension now than I have ever seen. The younger generation wants to better the future. But has no idea of the past. We know of the past but do not educate the future.. and we need to do more.. There are so many stories that do not get shared that need to be to show that what is really happening.

So many things we see but don’t check them to see if they are right.. I am so guilty of jumping to conclusions before getting the whole story.. Sadly the news media is just as bad.. Together we can do more is we can just talk to one and other. Understand each other without the anger. Work together to make the politicians work for us again.. They do not tell us we tell them.. Everybody has a Story to tell. How can others learn if you do not share it and teach ..

Five Guys Burger Fight..

The Video above was from Miami Florida a few years back. This was more of a Mob Beating where Employees beat up a Parton.. The excuse was she was Drunk and had an Attitude.. Ok ? So ?

I worked at a Bar we had drunk belligerent customers all the time. Did I want to kick their asses. Of course I did .. Did I ummm no I did not.. Why ? Because it was wrong then. And its more than wrong now.. If you watch this video almost the whole place was kicking her ass.. Many of the adults were just filming and laughing their asses off..

Its Disturbing..

To think at this day and age you can get beat up by a whole place of business over words.. And the people around you think its funny.. In one of the biggest cities for tourism..

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