Gov Chris Christie I’ll Kick Your Ass You Punk


Jersey Vs Gov Christie ..

This is not a Republican or Democratic thing.. If you voted for him then I will never tease you about it.. Its how you feel and I respect that.. But Its about the people..

Recently His Royal Roundness went on the T.V. and Boo Hoo Hooed about how he gets heckled.. And he is not going to take it any more and what the hell ever..

First off I never saw him on T.V. when Brendan Tevlin and Cheyenne Bond were murdered.. You have Gangs and Drug dealers making You Tube Videos making open threats to people..

Every time I turn around I hear about another 5 people dying of drug overdoses..

He is mostly never even in the friggin state, let along when he does an interview its never how he is going to fix the problems at hand.. It’s all about him..

I’m just done with it.. And his antics..

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