Inside Weis Shooters Mind Randy Stair-Live Chicago Shootings Caught on Camera



You are going to see Footage of Randy Stair as he makes his Online Video diary before he goes on his rampage..And you will see footage of shootouts and Of a man being shot on Facebook Live…

There has been shootings this past week, and last week a shooting hit close to home with me and my Columbia High School Alumni we lost a great person due to senseless violence..

These shootings are nothing new they have been going on for years. It’s just that now due to the internet we know more about them.. But I will say they are getting more and more outta hand..

But one thing is for sure they can no longer be denied, the main stream media picks and chooses what and what not to show.. But thanks to You Tube and camera phones you can see what is really going on with this Country..

99.9% of my content comes from me searching and wanting to know.. sadly the senseless brainless videos are being searched and watched more.. While the real news gets passed by..Sometimes we have to care enough to search for it rather than wait for tid bits if we are lucky to come out on the so called news that is owned by big business that keeps us in the dark..
The changes start with us !

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