Kids Illegal Guns an Gangs that are right underneath your nose



Kids-Illegal Guns-Adults that Condone the behavior… I don’t want a debate, or arguing I need everybody to watch the video to see first hand that this is the biggest problem we have Everybody is arguing lately, my President-Senator and Governor is better than yours..This has been happening through numerous presidents and people in power.. Kids and People like this in the video that have been the problem for years..You will never see these videos because it’s not what you are interested in..many will see the image but how many will click on it ? But your kids-nieces and nephews will, and either will say oh I see that all the time.. Or I know those guys they are crazy as hell we were in the park the other day..Or oh yea I heard about that video the other kids said it was cool.. My Cousin walked a beat in Irvington back in the 70s and 80s and it was common.. My other Cousin in on the job now in Kearny and has a few stories to tell.. Brendan Tevlin a few years ago was shot and killed at a traffic light by a guy with an Illegal gun that just walked right up to him..And Shot Him.. This is not in certain neighborhoods and towns anymore.. It can be ANYWHERE you will never know.. Until you cut them off in traffic, step on their shoe or even have an argument with one in a store.. When the news talks about a drive by shooting, or kids shot by stray bullets .. These are the ones or similar to these kids that are doing it.. And you will find White-Asian-Spanish-Black Kids doing this sometimes they even come from well to do families.. Why ? because see it and idolize it and are intrigued by it.. The Law does not apply to any of these kids..Neither does empathy.. And that is the scary part.. But the scariest part is you can walk out your door and never even know you might have just escaped death over a look or an exchange of words.. Unity and working together is what makes changes… Division Keeps it going and never ending..

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