McDonalds Manager Kicks Out Homeless Man Calls Cops



McDonalds Manager Kicks Out Homeless Man Calls Cops .. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A video of an officer asking a homeless man to leave a McDonald’s restaurant after someone paid for his meal .. Yossi Gallo, the man who shot the video, posted a five minute video on Facebook Wednesday morning In a five minute video posted on Facebook Wednesday, a Myrtle Beach police officer stands in front of a skinny man who is sitting at a booth eating his meal. The officer tells the man that after he finishes his meal he must leave the restaurant and never return. Yossi Gallo, who shot the video and posted it on Facebook, can be heard telling the McDonald’s staff they “suck” for kicking the homeless man out of the restaurant, which ultimately leads to a restaurant manager telling the man filming he also has to leave for being “disorderly.” In the video, Gallo tells the officer he personally paid for the man’s food and he was not asking for money. “He didn’t even ask me for food.. you guys suck,” Gallo said. “I will never be back here,.. he didn’t even ask me for food. I asked him inside.” The officer told the man that several people called police complaining about the presumably homeless man asking for cash in an area outside the restaurant.

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