What The JRX Foundation Does..


Who We Help As The JRX Foundation..

The Homeless Food an Clothes are given to them whenever or wherever they are seen and yes we are hands on with this

Our Veterans if they need help with buying medications or need a place to stay ( Veterans Housing is in future plans) Counseling we will also employ veterans as well when we get more established..

The Working Poor.. We realize that you can have a full time job and still struggle with daily life..

Single Mothers and Fathers..Again we realize how hard it could be to raise children on a single income..

Firefighters and Police Officers injured in the line of Duty

People who suffer from MS-Cancer-Lupus-Sickle Cell or anything else, you have Charities that raise money for a cure.. But we are more for helping the people who suffer from it.. Some can’t afford the Medications or Other basic things they need..

Getting kids off the streets an into activities such as Boxing-Kickboxing we pay the first 4 months and they must stay out of trouble and maintain at least a C average in school..

Now we wish we can raise money and just give it away, but sadly there are terms and conditions that apply..

Such as..

We would need to see at least 3 months of pay stubs and need to meet an talk about your situation.. Now we would also like to share your story to others in a video segment or pictures via Social Media..

Like any other Charity we will be doing fundraisers and asking for Sponsors..

We are now just getting started so our funds are limited at the moment but still are helping where and when we can..

We look forward to Growing and Developing our Foundation and Helping Our American Citizens..

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