Wheels and Wings in Fairlawn New Jersey…


This weekend Jerseys Rants and Xufn Traveled to my Home State to attend the Wheels and Wings Expo..

There were some amazing cars there, many I have not seen in years and as the owner of a 1976 Trans Am that daily drives it.. It was very awesome to see them..

Then we had a huge piece of History attend, WW II Fighter Planes and Bombers it was purely amazing to see the machines that were piloted to save us from Evil and make us in to the great nation we are today..

Not to mention the we had the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home on hand, many were the men and women that fought for our freedom and the right to live in a land not controlled by a crazy dictator..

It was a great time..

And there was a lot of money raised and lets just say Jersey and Xufn gave what we to to a lot of great causes that were there !

And thank you for having me and XUFN !

Till Next Year !!





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