Zero Waste East


A Hometown Friend of mine is Behind this and I Stand Behind it as well..


September 24, 2019

N.J.I.T. ( New Jersey Institute of Technology)
211 Warren St, Newark, NJ 07103

Our mission is to drive legislation for serious environmental issues by bridging the communication gap between policymakers, corporations and municipalities.

This event is a forum for policy makers and companies of all sizes to share best practices in moving from a linear economy to a circular economy while generating higher economic returns.

Our Challenge

The world is facing stark limits to resources, and companies are under pressure to reduce waste and create new products and services.

To address these challenges, the circular economy has emerged as a transformational business strategy focused on designing and manufacturing products and materials that have continuous and infinite lifecycles — and it is a $4.5 trillion business opportunity.

Join key opinion leaders and entrepreneurs in finding solutions for our most pressing challenge!

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Topics & Speakers

  • The Zero-Landfill Initiative – Subaru of America, Inc., National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), the National Park Service (NPS)
    Speaker – Heather Overholser – Superintendent of solid waste and recycling for Teton County
  • Next Generation Packaging – Rethinking Packaging Towards a More Circular Economy
    Speaker -Tom Szaky, CEO, TerraCycle
  • Integrating Waste into Circular Carbon Economy – Waste should be treated as resource.
    Speaker – Dr. Serpil Guran Director, Rutgers EcoComplex
  • A Panel of Powerful Women in Sustainability – “Women are not only participating they are leading the charge”
    Moderator Denise Coogan, environmental partnerships manager, Subaru of America, Inc.
  • Reducing our Carbon Footprint – “Moving Towards Zero Waste Manufacturing”
    Speaker – Maggie Clarke, Ph.D., National Recycling Coalition, Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board
    Speaker – Chaz Miller, National Waste & Recycling Association, NSWMA – Director State Programs
    Speaker – Aharon Kestenbaum, Sustainability Specialist, NYC Dept of Education
  • Impact Investing, Why now? A discussion of Impact Investing from Wall Street.
  • Zero Waste City Tops – A New Perspective on Urban Greene
    Speaker – Dr. Karen L. Weber, LEED AP, WBE
  • New Jersey’s Clean Energy Plan – Policymakers Discuss 2030 goals
  • Solar Power – Need for revision, laws and regulations, compensation methods, solar credits not working. What changes are needed?
  • Offshore Wind – Opportunities for renewable energy goals – Long & Complex Ocean planning. Onshore transmission grids. The need for NY and NJ to collaborate.
  • Electric Vehicles – Charging Infrastructure /EV Adoption

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