Affiliate Program Tutorial #3 : What To Promote


Picking what you promote is one of the most important parts of being an affiliate. I know it seems easy, Go find the affiliate program that pays out the most and spam as many links as possible. Sure you will make some money that way. Well not literally spamming. Never EVER do that. But get your links out there in every legit way possible. But that won’t make you the most money. If your website or other ways of promotion aren’t matched up with the best advertisers you’re not going to make the most money.

Say you have a movie blog. Well you want to find affiliate programs that match with that genre. You can do really well if you take time & focus on the ads you pick. Pick places like Amazon, Netflix, Movie Posters & other memorabilia. You only really have to pay really close attention for the first few months. Once you’ve got a core set of advertisers that your audience likes you’re pretty much set.

At that point once a month see how the ads are performing. You can do it more than once a month of course but your best served using that time to create more content. Trust me it won’t make much of a difference. At that same time visit the affiliate network sites & see if there is anything new to promote. Set this as a schedule month after month & it greatly increases your chances of success. Remember though content is king. If you have good content people will come & keep coming back.

You should also look at other sites in your category. See who they are promoting. You will see their ads live and that’s when you put yourself into a surfers mindset. What ads really catch your attention? Take note of those ads & if they are pleasing to you find what affiliate program they are from. use the ads that make you the surfer want to click. That tip right there is a real money maker.

Many affiliate marketers skip that step. They go to , or many other affiliate programs (I’ll be covering all the big ones in the coming weeks) and just look for the highest payout percentage. Sure that works to a degree but anyone can do that. If you take the extra step and really think for a second on whether you would buy from those links you will make great money.

Today was still a simple tip but one that will directly lead you to making more money as promised. On Thursday we will delve a little more into affiliate programs & I’ll even tell you a few of my favorites so that you can make money with them as well.

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