Affiliate Tutorial Series #5 : Ebay Partner Network


Ebay Partner Network is one of my favorite affiliate programs. It’s payouts are decent but not amazing. What makes the affiliate program pop is name recognition & variety of products. You can put links to to pretty much every product on eBay. Which as you know is practically limitless. Which also means that some very niche sites can usually find a good match.

The tools in the Ebay Partner Network get the job done. They are fairly basic but fairly thorough. You can link to particular items or eBay categories. So you can tailor it to individual pages/posts really easily. My favorite tool is the custom banner generator it’s easy to use & has lots of options. Don’t forget to check out the promotions and sales section as well. I’ve had great luck with that.

You have to make sure your website is mobile friendly. You should anyways of course because of eBays 348 million customers 59% buy on mobile. That’s a huge market that you just can’t ignore. Remember always look at any network as a pie. The different aspects of the network are cut to different sizes. You want to go for the biggest piece that you possibly can. That will make the difference between making beer money & making a living money.

Earn DOUBLE COMMISSIONS for your first three calendar months

Read the resources section it’s going to be very helpful.

Watch the webinars 

I will be doing another post with screen shots & direct tips for EPN this post is more of a know that it’s out there with a few little tips.

In part 6 on Thursday I’ll give you the heads up about another great affiliate program. If you have any questions about Ebay Partner Network or anything else feel free to message me or @XUFN on twitter. I’m always more than happy to help out.

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