Tom Cruise is back in the long awaited sequel to Top Gun. Top Gun : Maverick picks up in present day and we get to see Maverick teach a rag tag group of young pilots to be well him. Well I’m sure there will be some great acting & a fun/heartbreaking story the real treat here will be the visuals. I really hope things are going well in May so I can see this in IMAX. It truly looks like a real feast for the eyes. Plus a summer Cruise movies isn’t going to let us down. So check it out May 27 2022 only in theaters.

Not sure what this movie is about? I highly suggest you check out the classic which is now on Netflix and not Paramount+ because well that would make way to much sense. I hope they have the streaming rights back in time for July when it should be premiering on Paramount+

Watch Top Gun Streaming On Netflix

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