I’m sad to report that Taylor Hawkins Drummer of the Foo Fighters has died. He was 50 and a true rock legend. As a big MTV watcher back in the day. I remember when the Foo Fighters first appeared & well other than Dave Grohl he just stood out from the rest of the Foo. I didn’t know of him before Foo but the videos & interviews of the time Taylor always looked like he was living his best life.

I recently watched Studio 666 and as always Taylor was there having a blast. He did a great job as did all the Foo. But he just always stood out. So much life and well now that’s gone. Imagine being asked to be in a band as a drummer when the band is started by Dave Grohl. What a monumental task & Taylor stood tall. I look forward to spending the night listening to the Foo & his side project Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders who I haven’t listened to yet. RIP Taylor Hawkins Husband , Father , Legend.

PS – Let’s not forget the time Taylor & the Foo Fighters messed with the Westboro Baptist Church

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