Charlottesville Terrorist Attack


Today there was an anti-Nazi protest to counter yesterday’s white supremacists march. While the anti-Nazi protests were walking down the middle of a street a white supremacist terrorist mowed them down with a car. Killing one injuring 19. This scumbag didn’t care who he ran over. He just cared that they were protesting against racism.

Warning video is graphic

This is what happens when weak minded individuals are riled up by professional agitators and professional victims. A small handful of conservative individuals are guiding this message of hate. Richard Spencer, Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska, Donald Trump & a handful of rich scumbags that thrive off chaos. I am not blaming any of them for this particular incident. It’s their actions & others like them that makes stuff like this more likely to happen.

They are many white supremacist groups that were near death that have taken advantage of all this to thrive once again. All thanks to a president that won’t denounce them. We have the GOP being bigoted cowards as usual. But the head of the party Donald Trump is the real one too blame. His refusing to denounce them IS an endorsement. He’s sanctioning this in the minds of many twisted white supremacists.

Sad thing is they are willing to do extreme things because of all the despair in their lives. A lot of which is being brought on them by Donald Trump himself. They need to realize that they are already on the losing side of history. Learn to love people for who they are not because of their skin color or sexuality.

So congrats to the Nazis marching last night into today. with this terrorist attack you’ve become a combination on Nazis & ISIS you’re truly some of the lowest scum this world has ever seen.

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