Hurricane Irma Preperation

  • *The Florida Emergency Information Line is available 24/7 for families& visitors at 1-800-342-3557
  • Disclaimer I am not a meteorologist. I just want to make sure people are safe. So please keep an eye on your local weather.

Hurricane Irma is now a category 4 hurricane that is set to strengthen. Right now it’s projected path may bring it to Florida this weekend. This of course is  not a sure thing as hurricanes tend to do as they please. But FL Governor Rick Scott has just issued a state of emergency. So if you’re in Florida or any of the Caribbean islands it’s time to get yourself secure.

Secure your place & make sure that all your family pictures & things you value most are safe. That’s not something that you want to leave for the last minute. Get your home secure. Get your pets ready to go. Make sure you take everything you value with you or be prepared to lose it. This could be a monster storm. The initial winds will be monstrous if it hits your area. Like Houston from Hurricane Harvey it’s the rain that is likely to do the most widespread damage.

Got a boat? Make sure it’s gassed up & ready to help in the rescue mission. If you have the means stock up now but only get what you will reasonably need. Getting a little extra is fine. Clearing the shelves on the other hand not so much. Make sure you check on your elderly or disabled neighbors. Ask them what their plans are. Make sure you know where the shelters are before you have to use them. You want to have that information handy so that you can tell friends, family & strangers where to go.

Prepare well before the storm hits so that you can concentrate on survival. That’s all that really matters. Your stuff can be replaced you can’t. Remember you can last a lot longer without food than you can without water. So take that into account when your preparing for the storm. Good luck and I’ll post more when we know more.

Source: National Hurricane Center

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