Mexico City 7.1 Earthquake


Tonight we’re going to talk about our neighbors to the south. Mexico City was struck by a 7.4 Earthquake today & so far there are 139 confirmed dead. With dozens of building fallen & a population of over 8 million I suspect that number will rise. We will get a much fuller picture of the damage in the morning & we will see what they need but for tonight here is some of what these people are going through.
See those clouds of debris everywhere? Those are buildings that have collapsed.

Just look at that water move.

Watch as this building falls

Another building of the many to fall

Check out this factory explosion.

Between this and Hurricane Maria this is going to be a really rough next week or so. So I’ll leave you on a happier note.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my military spending post but frankly these peoples lives are more of a priority right now.

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