Mueller Report , Gronk Retiring , Celtics Suck


The Mueller Report is out and Attorney General Barr is saying there was no collusion with Russia. We won’t know for sure until the report is released but there are a lot of Russia Gate hacks that have to be held accountable. I hate Trump but I could see a lot of the Russia Gate scandal was just made up by a certain subset of people that were using it to make money.

Rob Gronkowski is Retiring. It’s an end to an era for the Patriots. He truly was the GOAT tight end. He also brought a lot of fun back to football. I think it’s time though. He’s 29 and with the injuries that he’s had it’s best so he can have a comfortable next half of his life. Thanks for the memories Gronk you were amazing.

Boston Celtics just suck as a team right now. From Brad Stevens to Kyrie Irving all the way to the bottom of the bench. This team is not a team. They have a few weeks to get things in line but i’m not going to hold my breath. They very well could lose in the first round of the playoffs or win it all. This team has the talent but they also have the ego. The amount of terrible shots in clutch time is infuriating. Come on Celtics prove me wrong bring home another banner.

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