RIP Lyra McKee She Was 29


This morning I woke up & saw Lyra McKee trending on twitter & instantly I was happy. She’s an awesome gal. In 2016 she was on forbes 30 under 30 media list. In 2017 she gave a great TedX talk. So I figured she had done something awesome again. But sadly that was not the case & the world just became a lot darker.

Last Night XUFN lost one of our own. Lyra McKee was murdered while covering the riots in Creegan in Derry last night. She was covering the story & while standing behind the police some coward shot into the crowd. Here is her last tweet just moments before her death.

Here is CCTV of her killer. Let’s bring this murderer to Justice.

I met Lyra 5 years ago when she had a kickstarter for her project “The Last Story Of Robert Bradford” a man who was shot dead by IRA. So to have our relationship start with a story of murder then end with the murder of her is heartbreaking. She was just an awesome person & we’ve kept in touch a lot throughout the years. Bouncing ideas off of each other. Our relationship was mostly though DM on twitter & sometime Skype but she had such a great mind for mysteries.

She knew how much of a mess Northern Ireland was & was doing her best to solve mysteries from the troubles. I always feared that something bad would happen to her. I told her to be careful on more than one occasion. She was a seeker of truth & both sides of the conflict in Ireland fear the truth more than anything. There are a lot of dark secrets out there still & people willing to kill to keep them. Sadly Lyra was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She died doing what she loved most & I’ll always be proud of her.

Lyra never wrote a piece for XUFN. But she has helped with some of the XUFN investigative side projects. We had talked about her being the head of XUFN Europe once I got funding in place. She was all for it & I greatly regret not getting things in place faster. I would have loved to collaborate with her more. We were very similar in many ways. Thanks for everything Lyra we will get the scum that killed you. We at XUFN will continue your fight to shine the light on the darker side of this world. I love you bud.

Now I’ll leave you with her TedX talk. Remember how awesome she was.

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