Healthcare In USA


One of the biggest problems in USA right now is healthcare. Our politicians use it as a status symbol & gift to their donors. Obamacare & Trump care both fit that status. While Obama Care is better than Trump Care they are both not enough.

We The People deserve universal health care. Bernie Sanders is on the right track but it shouldn’t be this hard. We’re the only major nation without universal healthcare. We’re supposed to be a world leader so it’s time we stop falling behind. The reason it is so hard is straight out bribery. Our Senators & Congressmen should not be able to take a cent from Big Pharma or Hospitals. Healthcare shouldn’t be decided because of money. It should be a Right. As in a Bill Of Rights 2.0 with Universal Healthcare as #1.

We The People should not be going bankrupt because we get sick. We should not die because we refuse to put our families in bad financial situations because of our health. We should not suffer with bad teeth because we can’t afford a dentist. We spend Trillions of dollars on war. We sure as hell can spend trillions on life.

Until we get Universal Healthcare we need to fight for it. We have to fight for Obamacare to stay until there is a better option. We need to fight GOP implementing Trumpcare. We need to help Bernie Sanders get Medicare for us all. Bernies plan isn’t perfect from what I have seen so far it’s certainly the best plan that has a real shot. We will get to single payer in our lifetimes even if we have to get there in steps.

So join with me citizens of this great country and say no more for profit healthcare. No more bribes so that the rich can get richer while we die. Not more outrageous hospital bills that ruin us financially for life. No more letting people die because the desire for money is more important than a human life. No more unneeded suffering so you can get that big donation. We The People will not stand for it any longer.

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