Independence Day


Today USA turns 241 years old. We’re still a baby as far as countries go but we’ve come a long ways in a short time. We’ve also regressed in many ways the last few years. Is USA the greatest country in the world? Going by any measurable stat that matters NO. We just aren’t, does that mean I hate this country? Of course not that’s why I am willing to say stuff that others aren’t. I’m willing to fight for my family, friends & you to make sure USA reaches it’s true potential.

We could easily be at the top of all the important stats that make for a civilized country but we are usually middle of the pack at best. Why is it this way when we spend more on resources than anyone? Well it’s because of greed. We allow our leaders to be bribed for a few thousand for reelection in exchange for millions in gifts. It’s disgusting how our tax dollars are being used when we have people without job & millions of homeless on our streets. We need to Get Money Out Of Politics #GMOOP (You will learn more about that project in the coming days/weeks)

With the rebirth of XUFN I declare today OUR Independence Day. From GOP, DNC, Lobbyists, & Religious Fanatics. Time for the country to be run by the voice of the many not the greed fo the few. I promise for the middle class & below we’re going to be free. As with any battle it isn’t going to be easy but we will be FREE. We shall use our numbers to force justice in this country with out votes. We have all the power but we allow the elite to make us seem week. Well no more. It’s time to fight & elect people that have our best interest at heart. No more millionaire lawyers. We need teachers, scientists, Middle & Lower class Mothers & Fathers. We need people that understand the struggles of this country. We need people that realize that jobs are gone & they are not going to come back in any huge numbers. It’s time for a Basic Income. It’s time to make sure that every man, woman & child has a bed to rest their heads on at night.

Just want to clarify that the DNC is corrupt but right now GOP is downright evil. I’ll be writing about all sides in the political battles but Donald Trump & This current batch of Republicans is as evil a group as I’ve seen running a country. Keeping minimum wage low & making sure millions do not have healthcare just to benefit the rich is evil. So Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Republicans, Democrats that are secretly in the pocket of big pharma FUCK YOU. This is personal & I plan on doing everything in my power to shine a light on your corruption.

This will be the new golden age or America. We shall fight & succeed in the face of the handful of billionaires that want/need to hold us down. Here is some of the goals of XUFN that we’re going to work for by ourselves & with other groups.

  • Basic Income
  • Single Payer Healthcare
  • End Homelessness
  • Relief For Student Loans
  • Real Help For Our Veterans
  • Elect Good People To All Levels Of Government
  • Hold Law Enforcement Accountable, FBI,CIA, & Local PD Need Reform

The constitution is a good starting point but it also has a lot of problems. They were living in a different time. A lot of things in the constitution don’t make sense for this time. We need to make a 2nd bill of rights to assure that every single man, woman, & child in this country has the ability to reach their full potential.

We also have the Charity arm of XUFN that will be over at That’s not quite ready but we will be working on our own in house charity drives plus teaming with national groups.

It feels great to be back full time at XUFN now lets works together to make USA as great as it should be. I’m sick of USA greatest country just being a slogan. Let’s make it a fact by cutting our military budget in half & bringing back the American Dream for our kids.

P.S.- Don’t worry we will be still having a lot of fun here at XUFN reporting on cool things & places but taking out Trump The Chump by exposing the truth every time he lies is at the top of our agenda right now because it’s for the good of us all.

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