I’m sick of hearing “But how are we going to pay for it?”

Well the fact of the matter is that Money is rarely the issue when it comes to the US Government. It’s almost always the lack of willing to do what is right. Sadly a lot of the time is because the people that are supposed to be representing all of US are representing lobbyists.

This isn’t a Joe Biden or Donald Trump issue. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a both sides are rotten issue. This is a the system is broken issue. So when I state these facts to educate people on the issue of how we spend our money just keep that in mind. It isn’t an attack on either side. If Trump was still in power this would go for him especially with the Billionaires tax cuts. But this is about the people and what we should be getting now for our Tax Dollars.

Last week Joe Biden signed the defense spending authorization bill. $768 Billion up $25 Billion from what Biden asked for. Last year it was $738 Billion. So an increase of $30 Billion after getting “Out” of Afghanistan and Iraq. Shouldn’t the Bill have gone down?

$30 Billion a year could end homelessness in the USA with a voucher program. But if the fat was cut I would say about $20 Billion to end homelessness. But of course it’s not as easy as just throwing money at it. There are many with issues but this would be a great start.

US Government doesn’t need to spend $768 Billion on war. Nowhere even close to that actually. But of course through bribes oh I’m sorry I mean lobbying and special interests these things bloat out of control. We spend more money than the next 10 countries on the defense spending list COMBINED. Oh and $8 Billion left over. It’s disgusting what & why we priorities things. We spend more than China $252 , India $72.9 , Russia $61.7 , United Kingdom $59.2 , Saudi Arabia $57.5 , Germany $52.8 , France $52.7 , Japan $49.1 , South Korea $45.7 , Italy $28.9 , Australia $27.5 those $ of course are in Billions of dollars.

We must stop this madness and start spending the wealth of our country on US & to help fight climate change. That’s that real war that’s coming and it’s a war that nobody on the planet can hide from. We need to Get Money Out Of Politics. The money is there to make this country great but sadly we keep electing greedy people on both sides that will ALWAYS vote against US because well they know we won’t fight back.

We deserve Single Payer Healthcare. It would be cheaper than the system we have now. Saving Billions of dollars but it doesn’t happen because the healthcare industry owns many on both sides. We MUST Get Money Out Of Politics if we want to be great.

So ask your President , Senator , Representative why aren’t they actually fighting for you? Why do they time after time bend to the will of their corporate donors? We must demand because you know they won’t willingly give up the sweet donations and future job opportunities.

The money is there. It’s always been there. So call your congressperson and don’t let them play these games anymore. No more rotating villain like Manchin. If we ALL put pressure on all the time like many of the other people of other countries of this world we would have what we want. Whether it be protests by taking to the streets by the millions or a workers strike if we stood together we would win. Form a Union get involved in your community. It’s time for US to make sure OUR money is spent on what will make our lives better and this world a better place.


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