Las Vegas Shooting


Last night right before I went to bed I saw a breaking news alert that there was a shooting on the Vegas Strip. I thought oh just another Sunday in America with someone shooting a person or two. Well I wake up and it turns out that there were 50+ Killed and 400+ injured. The numbers are just mind boggling. This is the single most murders in a single shooting in US history.
As the day went on the numbers got worse. As of last count we’re up to 58 killed and 500+ injured. I of course though oh great another terrorist attack. Then I seen the news wasn’t calling it a terrorist attack. As soon as that happened I knew that it was a white guy. Sure enough it was. The media needs to realize that shooting hundreds of people at a concert is a terrorist attack no matter the color or religion of the shooter.
We have a gun problem in this country. I support the 2nd amendment but when one man has 19 rifles & 4000 rounds of ammunition something is wrong. If you feel the need for protection I think that you should be able to have a hand gun, shot gun, or a rifle. NOBODY needs 19 guns &4000 rounds of ammunition. We also need to have something in place to make sure that if you have a gun that you’re mentally sound.
Sure bad guys will still get guns but if you even stop 1 murder thanks to responsible gun regulations you’ve won. It sucks that the NRA will once again get their way and we as a nation will forget about the problem until there is another mass shooting. How many is enough? How many must die before we say ENOUGH. No more allowing the NRA & other similar groups to buy our politicians.
Image Source: Mliu92

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