President Joe Biden has decided to create a Ministry Of Truth. On the face of it that’s pretty hilarious because well Joes relationship through his career with the truth. But this is actually very dangerous. Let’s say you trust Joe Biden…Don’t but let’s say that you do. We’re putting a very dangerous thought police tool in place. Do you think the Dems are going to win midterms? Do you think they are going to win in 2024? Probably not at this point but even at the smallest chance Trump or Desantis will be in power we can’t give them the tools to mandate their truth.

Make no mistake this is exactly what this is. This is a totalitarian move that is put in place to make sure the official story of the government is the only one allowed. Have you not paid attention to heck the last few years alone nevermind the totality of our 246 years. Our Government is not to be trusted. We are lead by people that will always do what is best for their personal interests. If this Ministry Of Truth was in place on January 6th do you not think that Donald Trump would have used it to declare the election was stolen? Mark my words this will be perverted this isn’t a Democrat vs Republican thing either. Both will use this to fight against the truth.

Of Course it’s not called the Ministry Of Truth it’s called Disinformation Government Board. DGB if you will. Oh and it’s going to be handled by the bastion of trustworthiness the Department of Homeland Security. It’s going to be headed up by Nina Jankowicz (Not CIA at all wink wink) who worked for the Ukrainian government Ukrainian government on strategic communications under the auspices of a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship , was associated with Wilson Center , National Democratic Institute , Alethea Group . Groups with the likes of Madeleine Albright (National Democratic Institute), Cindy Otis former CIA (Althea Group now gone but was their leadership when Nina was there) , Wilson Center think tank turds extraordinaire…no need to pick a scum it’s full of wankers. they have Nick Adams for fucks sake.

Countries that have had a ministry of truth in the past. Nazi Germany, North Korea, Russia, China. These holders of the truth is NEVER good for the people. It stinks from the start & will only continue to get worse. Joe Biden is using Orwell’s 1984 as a guidebook and he’s going to leave all the tools needed for complete authoritarian madness for Trump. This must be stopped but it won’t be because Blue No Matter Who even if we’re screwed.

This on top of Elon Musk buying Twitter. Zuckerberg having Facebook , Bezos having the Washington post. The information is being controlled by the people that really need to be controlled. None of this is good and more & more the independent media is being targeted for not going along with the narrative. Many have lost their income because they don’t go along with the official narrative . No love lost for many of the conservative psycho conspiracy sites but this is bad as it will be used by both sides. Support independent media & as always consider all sides & confirm EVERYTHING to the best of your ability. Propaganda is never okay by our government we just deserve & demand the actual truth. There won’t be any goebbels like activity on my watch. Oh & it was reported today that the FBI conducted millions of illegal searches on US last year so that’s yet another problem that will need to be addressed.

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