Ukraine & Russia are at war. Due in no small part to NATO & USA. Well Putin is a psycopathic bully so that doesn’t help anything. But enough is enough with the USA being at war all the time. If they want to jump in this time I demand that Hunter Biden , Alexander Pelosi , Jessica Schumer , Connor McCarthy , Mignon Clyburn , Elly McConnell , Brittany Thune and the rest of the leaderships kids be on the front line. No being driving for generals to pad resumes for their future political ambitions. Looking at you Mayor Pete.

It’s time to invest in the people of this country not propping up Military Industrial Complex with hundreds of Billions of our Tax Dollars while you receive a small percentage of that back as bribes whoops I mean “Donations” . Does this mean that we have to be hands off on everything? Of course not sometimes we need to step in with humanitarian aid. Sometime we need to even provide logistics and more hard core aid. If there is a genocide event or something of that level then yeah step in shock and awe the hell out the bad guys. But no more war if there isn’t a clear an present danger to this country. You know the people not Wall St because well fuck them.

If we put the leadership & their kids on the front line we wouldn’t have war simple as that. If the leadership themselves had to actually have a stake in the wars that wasn’t just donations and stock inflation this world would be a better place. Oh and while we’re at it Potus & Congress shouldn’t get healthcare until we ALL have healthcare but that’s a post for another time.


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