We The People Week


I came up with the We The People Week concept last week. Didn’t even realize that today is Constitution Day. So that’s was a cool little coincidence. But the idea behind the week is to write a post every day of the week on how We The People are being screwed over by those who are supposed to be serving us.

The Constitution is not a perfect document but it’s supposed to be there to protect us. That has not ever really happened as it’s laws are unfairly enforced against those with the least support. Well it’s time for that to change. It’s time for every US citizen to be treated fairly. I don’t care if you’re homeless or a billionaire everyone WILL be treated equally.

I’m going to ruffle more than a few feathers this week. That’s okay though because we have to face a lot of harsh truths. I’ve be taking on politicians. Republicans, Democrats & Independents won’t escape my wrath. I’ll be taking on the police & the prison system. I’ll be taking on the Military. I’ll be taking on local & federal government.

This week is the opening shot in a battle for XUFN to get equality for all of you. This week is just the beginning it’s a call to arms. Not physically grabbing guns like nutbag GOPers i’m talking about spreading truth. It’s about getting out the vote. Planning out voting days where you make sure that your friends, family, & neighbors are registered properly & have transportation.

So thank you and spread the word that it’s time to take this country back one vote at a time.

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