5 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Should Be President


Here are just 5 of the many reasons that Senator Bernie Sanders should be elected President in 2020. There are lots more & this is just one article of many. Feel The Bern!

1. He cares about the people.

I know that this sounds WILD, But wouldn’t it be nice to have a President that cares about the people? I mean all people not just Billionaires that enrich them. 

Bernie is so damned pure in his love of the people. He wants everyone to have a fair shot at life. I find that refreshing & really believe he takes his slogan to heart. “Not me. Us.”

2. He will fix the problems that Trump & past Presidents have caused.

With Bernie Sanders as President the days of suffering because of greed will be over. No longer will we be at the mercy of insurance companies. No longer will our children’s future be sold out to the military industrial complex. No longer will corporations be more important than any living person. No longer will we use the power of this nation to enforce hate crimes. No Longer will children be put in camps because they dare want to live in a land of the free & home of the brave.

3. He can’t be bought

Unlike our current President Donald Trump, Bernie isn’t for sale. We would finally have a President instead of taking millions from Billionaires,  would take Billions from Billionaires to give to the people.  He can’t be bought by lobbyists to cut sweet deals while millions don’t have health care. He would make sure that EVERYONE would have healthcare. That’s because he believes that just being born means you have a right to healthcare & like usual he’s right.

4. He is popular with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents 

He’s almost universally respected by both sides of the isle. They know that he’s a good man and says what he means. This anti-establishment / unifyer quality of Bernie is what will lead to him destroying Donald Trump at the polls & electoral college.

His power in being himself will lead to Congressmen & Senators willing to work with him. No more of this deadlocked Washington D.C. no more lobbyist games. Sure they will try but I believe that Bernie is by far the best chance to get truly progressive measures passed. Stuff like Single-Payer health care that is just a pipedream with any other President that we’ve had.

5. He Doesn’t Want Power

I trust in Bernies desire to get justice for us. Unlike %99 of politicians he’s not about the ego & power. He’s all about fixing this country that he loves. He wants to take power away from those that are too powerful. He wants to give power back to the people not power for himself. 

He doesn’t care about the crap between Democrats & Republicans. He only see what they are doing to the American people, The people of the world even. He’s just a good man that wants, No DEMANDS things be better. He recognizes that we’re the riches & most powerful nation in history. He also sees a lot of waste. I believe this is the man that’s going to bring this nation back to a golden age. Bernie Sanders has my vote in 2020 & I’m asking you to give him yours too.

Donate to Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign on ActBlue.com HERE

There is a lot more that will be written here on XUFN.com about Bernie & his opponents but I just wanted to get started with the man that will save us all.  

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