CNN Blackmail


The other day Donald Trump tweeted out this .gif.

I thought it was pretty funny. Nothing really harmful about it. But CNN who likes to think they are about the average person was really pissed about it. Bringing up a violence against journalists. But we’re here for the laughs today as CNN thought it wise to blackmail the .Gifs creator threatening to reveal him. The creator of the Gif HanAholeSolo apologized & CNN decided not to Dox him. Well the internet being the internet it’s safe to say CNN made a HUGE mistake. Sometimes a MEME is just a MEME so laugh at yourself a little. So here are some of the best reply .Gifs from #CNNBlackmail

*This is not in support of Donald Trump. Donald Trump & CNN both suck but sometimes it’s just about the laughs.

There are tons more under #CNNBlackmail but there are also a bunch of support for Donald Trump so please feel free to tell them something very liberal.

Credit for featured picture : “Time Magazine TWAT of the Year 2011 – Donald Trump” by Surian Soosay is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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