Yup, The spineless Democrats are throwing us under the table yet again. It’s been more than obvious that we’re on our own but this just cements it. I propose that we vote out EVERY politician. Get a whole new batch in there it’s not like they could do worse. This congress literally despises us so they see no problem with us dying other than they need us to produce wealth for their donors.

$1.5 Trillion Bill and they can’t keep $15.6 Billion in it to help us battle covid. Of course that’s not nearly enough to actually battle covid & keep people safe but it was at least something. Speaker Pelosi really needs to go. Along with all leadership on Democrat & Republican sides. Vote them all out. Only vote for candidates that will be for the people. I know it’s hard to imagine but all we have to do is literally vote them out. The tools to do it are in place already. We should also couple it with a general strike. It’s time we take back this country and make sure it’s run for the people by the people.

Democrats and Republicans have long ago abandoned US ad it’s time we return the favor. Pelosi said today that “We Must Proceed” with the $1.5 Billion because we need to give help to the Ukraine & other programs. Well I support helping the people of the Ukraine how about you help us as well? I know that’s crazy talk because “Where will we find the money?” it’s a joke that We The People continue to be treated like this.

She also said “It is heartbreaking to remove the COVID funding, and we must continue to fight for urgently needed COVID assistance, but unfortunately that will not be included in this bill,” yeah I’m sure she’s so heartbroken. I’m sure she will go drown her sorrows with some insider trading. Democrats are going to be stomped in the Midterms & in 2024 Presidential race all because they refuse to do even the bare minimum for US. We’re going to be stuck with Trump again for Deathsantis and it’s going to be a complete disaster that this country & world will literally not recover from.

We had to start the ball running in a race to save the planet the second Joe Biden stepped into the White House yet going on 14 months we’ve not even tied our shoelaces. So when are we going to yell ENOUGH! ? When are we going to stand up to the system & let them know their time is up? Oh that $15.6 Billion is just 1% of their spending spree & that’s just too much for them to fight for us. We NEED people in office that will fight for US. They are giving Ukraine $13.6 Billion of our tax dollars. So a little over $40 from each US citizen without a problem. Well it is a problem if it’s just for them & not for US. Enough on war spending. No that doesn’t mean give Putin a pass. That means you want money from war you take it from somewhere else in the military that we vastly overspend on. I have no problem with the $4 Billion to help refugees of course.

Source : PBS News Hour

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