Donald Trump Is Either Evil Or A Coward


With the events of Charlottesville it’s become clear that Donald Trump is either evil of he’s a coward. There has been alt-right support ever since Donald Trump decided to run for office. But after Charlottesville it’s become apparent that Trump is going to refuse to distance himself from white supremacists. With his approval ratings at record lows he NEEDS them. Even if he doesn’t support them which is seeming less & less likely considering his White House staff he is afraid to lose them.

So is he evil or a coward? Well it doesn’t really matter. We can not allow a fan of the Alt-Right Nazi movement or someone that fears them to be our President. We need someone in office that will fight against Nazis. We need a man or woman that isn’t evil or a coward. We need to send these scum back to the fringe. Not validate them by giving them coverage for their press conferences & marches. We need leaders in this government that will stand up & fight for us the We in We The People…

No more allowing large parts of our policy to be dictated by bigots & cowards. No more allowing billionaires to decide the fate of the middle class & below. The Tired,Poor, & Huddled Masses need to be heard. We’ve been under attack for way too long. We need a golden age for this country. Where bigots are striped of their power. Where EVERYONE is treated equally. No more wholesale slaughter of people of color. No more hating people because of who they love LGBTQ rights shall be equal to everyone elses.  No more banishing of homeless people. No more selling off our children education to the highest bidder. No more people going bankrupt because our healthcare system is broken. No more Nazi’s in the white house.

It’s time for use to get rid of Donald Trump as our President. We The People can no longer allow an evil man or a coward to lead this country. Honestly he’s probably a little of both. I don’t care though because in either case Donald J Trump isn’t fit to lead this country. So goodbye Nazi’s it’s time to send you back into the depths of history. Your time is over.

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